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Questi i risultati della prima giornata di gara: il Trentino colleziona una vittoria e due pareggi. Unica formazione a vincere tutte le gare giocate è la Toscana, che rifila quattro sconfitte alla corazzata Veneto.




Trento – Sardegna 1-1                                  Bolzano – Liguria 1-2

Emilia Romagna – Abruzzo 0-1                  Marche – Calabria 0-3

Basilicata – Puglia 3-0                                    Molise – Lazio 0-0

Campania – Umbria 1-1                                Lombardia – Piemonte Valle d’Aosta 1-1

Friuli Venezia Giulia – Sicilia 2-1                Toscana – Veneto 1-0


Trento – Sardegna 2-0                                  Bolzano – Liguria 1-0

Emilia Romagna – Abruzzo 1-1                  Marche – Calabria 4-1

Basilicata – Puglia 1-0                                    Molise – Lazio 0-4

Campania – Umbria 3-2                                               Lombardia – Piemonte Valle d’Aosta 4-0

Friuli Venezia Giulia – Sicilia 2-2                Toscana – Veneto 4-0


Trento – Sardegna 1-1                                  Bolzano – Liguria 3-3

Emilia Romagna – Abruzzo 1-2                  Marche – Calabria 1-0

Basilicata – Puglia 1-1                                    Molise – Lazio 3-2

Campania – Umbria 5-1                                    Lombardia – Piemonte Valle d’Aosta 0-2

Friuli Venezia Giulia – Sicilia 1-1                Toscana – Veneto 3-2


Emilia Romagna – Abruzzo 4-2                  Toscana – Veneto 3-0

Bolzano – Liguria 1-0                                     Sardegna – Lazio 2-2

Campania – Umbria 7-1                                               Lombardia – Piemonte Valle D’Aosta 2-3


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"Were you?""No! Seriously! Just friends. Darryl and her — Zapatillas Air Max well, Jordan Shoes For Cheap not quite, butDarryl was so Yeezy Boost Sale Online into her. There was no way —""But if North Face Outlet Darryl Nike Tn Requin Pas Cher hadn't been into her, you would have, huh?""No, Ange, no. Please, just Moncler Jackets Discount Marketplace believe Vans Black Sneakers me and let it go. nike sneakers Vanessa Nike Shox Cheap was agood friend and we're not anymore, and Moncler Sale that Nike Roshe Run Sale upsets me, but I was neverinto her that way, all right?

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There newest lebron shoes was an email converse store from a kid who liked to send in Nike Kyrie funny phone-camvideos of the DHS being really crazy — the last one had been of themdisassembling a retro jordans for cheap baby's stroller after a Christian Louboutin Shoes Outlet bomb-sniffing dog had shown aninterest in it, taking it apart with Cheap Toms Shoes Outlet screwdrivers right on the street in Canada Goose Outlet theMarina while all these rich people walked Cheap Michael Kors past, staring Hugo Boss Sale at Nike Air Max Sale them and mar-veling at how weird it was.

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This huarache sneakers kid — his handle was Kameraspie — had sent me an even bettervideo Nike Free Run 5.0 Womens this Boty Nike Air time around. It was at Scarpe Air Max the doorway Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 For Sale to City Hall in womens nike air max CivicCenter, a huge wedding cake of pandora outlet store a building Chaussure Nike Air Max Pas Cher covered with statues in littlearchways and gilt leaves and trim. The DHS had a secure perimeteraround Pandora Official Website the building, and Kameraspie's Ray Ban Sunglasses Online video showed a great shot air force one pas cher oftheir Coach Bags On Sale checkpoint as a guy Adidas Shoes Discount Marketplace in an officer's uniform approached TOMS SHOES OUTLET and showedhis ID Ugg Pas Cher Femme and New Nike Shoes put his briefcase on the Mens Nike Air Max X-ray belt.

It was all OK until one.


I totally recognize that pandora beads dude — you can find Adidas Originals Sale his bio on Wikipedia.

He's TOMS OUTLET General Claude Geist. He commanded the joint UN peacekeepingmission in Haiti.

189I checked the bio. There was a picture of the general at a press confer-ence, and notes about nike sportschuhe his role Nike Pas Cher Femme in the difficult Haiti mission. It was clearlythe same guy.

I updated the Discount Air Max post.

Theoretically, this was Ange's and my chance to make out, but Negozi Pandora thatwasn't what we ended up doing. New Air Max 2017 We crawled the Xnet blogs, looking formore accounts of the DHS searching people, tackling people, invadingthem. This was a familiar task, the same thing I'd done with all the foot-age Michael Kors and accounts from the riots in the park. Nike Polo Sale I started a new Discount Ray Ban Sunglasses category onmy blog for this, AbusesOfAuthority, and filed them away. Ange keptcoming up with new search terms for me to try and by the time her momgot home, Billige Nike Sko my new category had seventy Cheap Michael Kors Handbags posts, headlined Air Max Pas Cher by GeneralGeist's City Hall takedown.

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It spread. The nike air jordan pas cher next morning there were even more. Someone started anew blog chaussure basket homme called AbusesOfAuthority that Air Max Femme collected hundreds more. Thepile grew. We モンクレール レディース competed to find the juiciest stories, the craziest pictures.

The deal with my parents was that Hogan Outlet I'd eat breakfast suivre un envoi with them everymorning nike air max running shoes and talk about zapatos de futbol nike the projects I was doing. They liked that I wasreading Ugg Outlet Online Store Kerouac. It cheap nike air max had Doudoune Moncler Site Officiel been a favorite book scarpe nike of both Scarpe Nike Scontate of theirs and itturned out there was already a copy on the bookcase in Pandora Store my parents'

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But the next Nike Air Shoes morning at breakfast they Canada Goose Outlet were both glued to the radio.

"Abuses of Yeezy Shoes Discount Marketplace Authority — it's the latest Bottes Ugg Femme Pas Cher craze on San Francisco's notori-ous toms sale Xnet, and it's captured the world's attention. Called A-oh-A, Discount TOMS the190movement is composed of 'Little Brothers' who watch back against theDepartment of Homeland Security's anti-terrorism measures, document-ing the failures and excesses. The rallying cry is a Kobe Shoes Nike popular viral videoclip of a Ugg Pas Cher En France General Claude Geist, a retired three-star general, being tackledby DHS officers on Zapatillas Nike Air Max Baratas the Nike Air Pas Cher sidewalk in front of City Hall. Geist hasn't made Nike Air Sneakers astatement on the Toms Outlet Online incident, but commentary UGG BOOTS FOR WOMEN from vans shoe store young people who areupset with their own treatment has Boost Yeezy Sale On Line been fast and furious.

"Most notable has been the global attention the movement has re-ceived. Air max dam Stills Nike Huarache Womens Cheap from the Geist video have appeared on the front pages ofnewspapers in Korea, Great Michael Kors Handbags Discount Britain, Germany, Egypt and Japan, andbroadcasters around the world have aired the Adidas NMD For Sale clip on prime-time news.

The issue came to a head last Soccer Boots Outlet nike night, when the British BroadcastingCorporation's National moncler jacket sale News Evening program ran a special report onthe canada goose jacket outlet fact that no American Moncler Outlet Online broadcaster ugg store or news Nike Roshe Run agency has covered thisstory. Commenters on the prada outlet BBC's website noted that BBC America's ver-sion of the news did not carry Adidas Neo Discount Sale the Nike Soccer Cleats Boots report."They brought on a couple of interviews: British Nike Air Women media watchdogs, aSwedish Pirate Uggs For Cheap Party nike sb stefan janoski kid Toms Factory Outlet who UGGS Outlet made Abercrombie and fitch store jeering remarks about America'scorrupt press, Pandora Store a retired American newscaster living in Tokyo, then theyaired a short clip from Al-Jazeera, comparing the American press recordand the record of the national news-media in Syria.

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